In the spring of 2004 two ladies, a mother and daughter, were being drawn to new seasons of their lives.  The daughter Jodi was in Virginia Beach, graduating from Regent University with a Master’s of Divinity in Practical Theology, added to her undergrad degree, majoring in  Speech and Communications and Theater, minoring in education.  Her versatile training prepared her for traditional options in teaching or church ministry.  But as she listened to her passion, honed by her graduate certification in life coaching, Jodi was called to risk and figure out how to launch out on her own.

     In a parallel time the mother, Bonnie, was becoming convinced that her 34 year season as a high school English teacher and department head was closing.  Over the years, Bonnie continually added professional training, earning her Master’s in Education, becoming a writing specialist and a curriculum innovator as well as certification as a life coach.  The transition to an unknown world was personally stretching.  However, Bonnie’s passion to inspire growth and release potential in people began to take a new focus.

     Almost quietly the two streams of the ladies’ lives began to merge.  For years the Wozniak family of 7 had voiced dreams of working together in their own organization which would change lives by moving them forward in their purposes.  Maybe this opportunity was provided for just this possibility.

     Two women, mother and daughter, united in their shared passion: to equip and empower people to discover their design and destiny and learn to grow into that potential.  Bonnie and Jodi wanted to inspire change and growth in a way that this forward movement connects to the Bigger Picture.  The organization was birthed to create diverse opportunity to Reveal Eternal Answers for Life Change—hence, REAL Change, Inc.

   ?? In September 2004 REAL Change, Inc. was recognized as a non profit in the state of Georgia.